The Shaftesbury

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The Shaftesbury on Hornsey Road
The Shaftesbury November 2008

The Shaftesbury lives again!

It's on the corner of Shaftesbury Road and Horsey Road N19. (openstreetmap node) It looked like it was a dead pub, but no! It's alive!


It used to have quite a lively quiz night, and a large room the back which used to have two pool tables and a massive screen (popular on Arsenal match days) Around about 2006/2007 it closed for a while...

It re-opened as a spruced up gastropub. The room in the back was replaced by restaurant seating and big fake tree. This didn't last very long. It closed again in early 2008, and seemed to stay closed for a long time

Planning applications

P072932 - Change of Use to two x 1-bedroom residential units at the ground floor level - Refused permission 23rd January 2008.

P072077 - Conversion of part ground floor to a 2 bed residential unit and change of use of remaining area to A3 (restaurants & cafes) use, including relocation of existing kitchen extract duct. - Approved with conditions 24th October 2007.

P061219 - Self-containment of ancillary residential accommodation and construction of new mansard roof to create 3 x 2 bed and 2 x 1 bed units. Installation of new kitchen extract duct. – Approved with conditions 19th July 2006.

This all suggested that it was changing to be a restaurant/cafe, but somebody scrawled the words "It's a pub" on the inside of the windows. What did this mean?!

The grand re-opening

Building work resumed, and fairly quickly it has re-opened! 14th May 2009 was an official re-opening party. Good turn out. Some free beer and buffet food.

Good turnout for the re-opening

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