The Caernarvon Castle

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Remains of the Caernarvon Castle. March 2008 (after the fire)

The Caernarvon Castle was called the "Fusilier & Firkin" for a long time. More recently it became "Camden Rock Cafe" breifly, but it is now dead.

In the shadow of the railway bridge, this pub was a little dark and dingy and uninviting from the outside, but isn't that how a camden pub should be? It was popular with the gig going crowd, and hosted a lot of live music from aspiring new bands.

Camden market squeezed it out. It became yet another clothes shop, with garish pink & blue painted front, called 'G-Heaven'.

In February 2008 it then got completely burned to the ground along with that whole row of shops, and all the market stalls behind.

The Hawley Arms was also burned in the same fire, which attracted some press mentions. Nobody cared about the old Caernarvon Castle / Fusilier & Firkin building though, nobody except us here at DeadPubsSociety that is :-)

Rest in peace dead pub.

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"the cut" on stage in The Caernarvon Castle. August 2005