The Bush

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The floor of the the Pub

Currently O'Neills, Shepherd's Bush, 2, Goldhawk Road, London W12.

The pub was once part of the Firkin chain, the Fringe and Firkin.

Before that, it was two pubs, one pub was the Bush Theatre Pub, and part of O'Neills is reserved for the theatre audience. The non-smoking was the area used for brewing in the Firkin days. It may also have been brewing for another chain after the Firkin chain closed, for a short while.

From the LBHF website

To the south at 54 Shepherd's Bush Green 
and 2 Goldhawk Road is the Bush Hotel(B0M). 
The present building dates from 1890/91 and was 
built on the site of the Brewery Tavern dating 
from the early 1860's (It was not built on the site 
of Sydercombe's Cottage as was previously 
thought). It is a red brick pub in a design 
influenced by the Flemish style with bays, gables, 
cantilevered pilasters, corner turrets with cupolas 
and highly decorative brick friezes. Other 
restaurants and public houses intermingle around 
the town centre with shops and other leisure uses. 

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