The Corner Flag

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The Corner Flag, 472 Hornsey Road, N19 4EF

On the corner of Hornsey Road and Hanley Road. (map)

REOPENED! June 2010

This pub has had several incarnations with different names

Some remeniscings by Misscara on forum :

"I used to live between the pub on the corner of Hanley/Hornsey and the one a bit further up that Ali mentioned. The Hanley/Hornsey corner pub was The Railway, then The Salt Bar for a few years then it became All Points West then latterly The Blarney Stone. As The Salt Bar it was a kind of dodgy gangsta bar with either really bad reggae or really loud banging techno pumping out of the place at all hours of the day and night. It was very dodgy and never seemed to have more than 3 or 4 customers. It was run by a couple of black guys, one of whom was a bit scary and erratic and used to shout at passers by and had an eye patch and there was always a very strong scent of ganja wafting about the place. It was very briefly All Points West and run by an Irish guy, then it became The Blarney Stone which was run by a nice couple who tried to make a go of it but that didn't last long, then it was taken over by a Nigerian guy named Moro. Under Moro's reign it was always full of underage drinkers, down-and-outs and drug dealers. The upstairs rooms were rented out to Nigerian illegal immigrants and I was told that they had whole families living in one room. The place was always getting visits from the police and Moro did a runner in the end. About 3 years ago someone started doing it up then all work stopped and it's been the same since. As a pub the whole place was in need of renovation as I remember the ceiling was falling down and the wallpaper was all hanging off. But I remember it had some amazing and rather beautiful original features such as the fireplaces and stained glass windows which I hope are preserved."