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The Chimes, now closed

The Archives contains ... archived material from the first year.

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The Demise of the Local Boozer

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What about customers taking over their threatened boozer? aha! a new TV programme on Blighty, but also a good idea? Raven Inn, Llanarrnon -

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Under Threat

  • The Cross Keys, 1 Lawrence Street, London, SW3 5NB
  • The Phene Arms, 9, Phene St, London, SW3 5NY


Public houses are closing down in London and elsewhere in the UK. This site will be a record of that change of the cultural and social landscape.

The pub, in the country, was the social focus of a community. These days, you need a grant, a mission statement and a series of meetings. In the old days, a meeting in the upstairs room was all that was needed. There was a cricket team, a darts team or just a game of skittles.

Pubs are worth more as advertising space: see The Londoner, The White Horse in Stepney, The Queen Victoria and The Foundry which has a very large advertising space above it with the premises behind the hoarding is unused.

Possibly there is signs of political will to change this;

"The latest figures from the Campaign for Real Ale show that in the first half of this year another 166 pubs closed in London. Nationally, two pubs close every day. One can blame the level of duty, the smoking ban and the fall in consumer confidence. But that's not the whole story. In the past four years more than 3200 pubs have shut, and many of those were outlets owned by the pubcos.

Well, their time is up. Business Secretary Vince Cable will have to tell the Select Committee what he intends to do within the next two months. There could then be another three months of consultation before legislation is introduced early next year. A statutory regulator - Offtothepub, no doubt- could be in place by next summer. It must have teeth and be unafraid to use them..." Nick Goodway 22-9-11 ES

Sustainable Communities

"local services includes, but is not restricted to, retail outlets, public houses, 
banks, health facilities, including hospitals and pharmacies, legal services, social
housing, post offices, schools, public eating places, leisure facilities and open spaces"

The above quote is from the Sustainable Communities Act 2007 (see [1] and [2]). The public house appear alongside health facilities and social housing. With pubs closing every day, and cheap alcohol available in supermarkets at a fraction of the cost of that that in a pub. The Chancellor now takes �1.14 in duty, VAT and other costs (e.g. employee National Insurance) for every pint sold in a pub. This is killing pubs.

Pubs saved, reopened, refurbished

Fuller's plan to take over the Pilot Inn in River Way, North Greenwich, which was due for demolition.

The Pembury Tavern re-opened a year ago today !! Gordo 00:13, 6 January 2007 (UTC)

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