King William IV SE5

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King William IV, 337 – 339 Albany Road, London, SE5. Next to Burgess Park.

"The application site is an existing vacant four storey public house known as King William IV, fronting Albany Road. To the rear of the public house there is an area of hard standing and small compound, both of which appear to currently be used for fly tipping. A corrugated metal fence encloses the compound and the rear of the development land. It is also bounded to the west by a relic road line of Canal Street. This street extends into the park and is currently used in part for parking. A section of the street extends beyond the park boundary fence." [1]

"1Burgess Park is a large, metropolitan-scale park created since the war. This involved the demolition of numerous buildings, mainly slum and war-damaged houses, and the closure of roads. Most of this has been completed, and the Park has been landscaped, but some isolated buildings remain standing and some roads remain open. The King William IV pub is one such building, and stands isolated on the north side of the Park at the junction of Albany Road and a short remaining stub of Canal Street, used for car parking. The pub, which occupies a 0.05-hectare site, is vacant." [2]

"Receiving-houses and places appointed for receiving persons apparently drowned or dead, and at which drags and other apparatus are kept." [3]:

P DIVISION. Albany-road: “William IV.”