Fox and Hounds

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Fox and Hounds 492 Hornsey Road, London, N19 4EF

Closed 2001 and now converted into flats.

Reference [1]

Some recollections by Miscara on the forums (Apr 30th 2010)

"I lived next door. It was a very small Irish pub that probably hadn't been decorated since the early 70's. The landlord was a very fat, jolly man who used to lean on the front door a lot during the afternoons and chat to people as they passed by. He was really lovely and carried a fridge up my front stairs for me like it was no effort at all. The pub was always full of old Irish people and they used to have 'turns' on on Saturday nights. It was quite a nice, friendly place but way behind the times. I remember it was very cheap and used to sell little bottles of stout that nobody had ever heard of. It shut down about 10 years ago and was renovated into flats. Before the renovation, which seemed to take about 4 years, it was occupied by a group of hippies who used to sit naked in the garden and have outdoor showers. My verandah overlooked their garden and I remember having a very surreal conversation with a group of naked men as I was hanging out my washing one day."