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The Front Page, 16th October, 2005

Sorry, Not Available

Wetherspoons - a pub with no beer!

Wetherspoons - a pub with no beer! The Ledger Building had no guest ales at all for about four days over the weekend recently...

Software and Beer

Through a Glass Darkly compares the software industry with the brewing industry.

The Barge has closed with immediate effect

The Barge has closed!

The Barge has closed - a Dead Pubs Society "scoop"!

The Demise of the the Local Boozer

[] is the home of the Dead Pubs Society (online since 2004).

Our email address is <last.orders = AT => and our sibling wiki is the Dead Cafe Society

The Coach and Horses, Greek Street

The Coach and Horses will have a new landlord by the end of the year

The Target, A40, West London

The Target has been closed for years; converted to a McDondalds!

In and Out of the Eagle

Up and down the City Road
In and out of The Eagle

Down the City Road, we find the site of the The Sportsman and Offside. The latter is a football pub, as you might guess, with several large screens. The Sportsman has been demolished. Anyway, moving swiftly one, I had a pint of "Titanic" mild in The Wenlock Arms

Beers of the Month

  • Yosser Hughes Strong Mild is a blend of beers from two breweries: Hart in Lancashire and Milton in Cambridgeshire.
  • Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild (no relation)


Public houses are closing down in London and elsewhere in the UK. This site will be a record of that change of the cultural and social landscape. Our logo is The White Horse in Poplar High Street in East London. This pub was demolished and rebuilt as flats, leaving behind statue of a white horse. It looks as likely that the sign will stay for a long time!

A notable case is Jack Straw's Castle near Hampstead Pond.

The pub, in the country, was the social focus of a community. These days, you need a grant, a mission statement and a series of meetings. In the old days, a meeting in the upstairs room was all that was needed. There was a cricket team, a darts team or just a game of skittles.

Pubs are worth more as advertising space: see The Londoner, The White Horse in Stepney, The Queen Victoria and The Foundry which has a very large advertising space above it with the premises behind the hoarding is unused.

The Pig's Ear Beer Festival 2004 was scheduled for York Hall (good news for some!) and then cancelled (bad news for all!)... you may see a t-shirt issued in commemoration of the cancellation.

The Oakdale Arms

Here is an extract from the London Drinker Volume 27 Number 3:

It may not matter just how wonderful we think these pubs are to some of the people
who actually own the premises.  But it should matter to the local planning authorities
when they receive applications to demolish them and build flats instead.  

If you would prefer to save the Oakdale Arms, Haringey Council needs to know by 19 June. 
Write to 639 High Road, London N17 8BD, telephone 020-8489 5508 or email development.control 
(@ symbol) 

Our Urban Lot

The Guildford Arms is now a pile of rubble!

Other changes visible here.

Witness other London Destruction

This website is a Wiki...

This website is a Wiki. This means you can edit most pages and upload files (images and sounds) to incorporate into your pages or other peoples pages. Please add a full postcode if you can: we are linking to other mapping projects.

See Heavy Metal Umlaut for a "movie" that shows how a Wiki works...

The best known Wiki is WikiPedia which is an online encyclopedia.

The Village Pub is the place for all meta discussions... you can add any Dead Pubs you know here

Add your entries to the Dead Pubs, Live Pubs, Transforming Pubs and also add new areas (in London or elsewhere).

Smoking in Pubs

The "Crown and Sugarloaf" was 100% non-smoking pub for a few months until January 2005 when it started to allow smoking again. This small, single bar pub, is off Fleet Street, near Ludgate Circus, in Bride Lane, London EC4Y 8DT (Telephone 020 7353 3693). The pub is owned by Samuel Smiths. A small pub tends to be more oppressive when people smoke!

The Ordnance is a fine Sam Smiths pub in St. John's Wood, with a large non-smoking area! Gordo 13:10, 28 Mar 2005 (BST)

Legislation will ban smoking in pubs, except those which serve prepared food: very British fudge!

J. D. Wetherspoon have just announced that they will change all their pubs to non smoking, 60 by May 2005. The Pommeller's Rest on Tower Bridge Road goes "100% non smoking" this week!

The Good News

The Wenlock Arms was re-opended in 1994 after being derelict for many years. The Fire Station near Waterloo Station is a converted.... fire station.

The Turk's Head in Wapping is now a cafe.

In The News

  • Ken Turner has occupied the vacant building that was the Engineers Arms in Reading, to preserve the pub for any and all future use! See BBC News Online Webpage
  • DerelictLondon dot com promised to be a goldmine for dead pub hunters but won a best website accolade and overstepped its bandwidth so I couldn't access. But by the time you read this maybe the bandwidth problem will be sorted? See
  • City centre drink zones & the debate on 24 hour drinking. Local authorities licencing binge drinking zones, the costs of alcohol abuse and the alcohol industry lobby. Anyone know a good radical summary?
  • 'The Clerkenwell Effect' gentrification and the death of community spirit.
At Mulligan's Irish pub near Exmouth Market, an area blighted by gentrification, barmaid Pat Hayes 58 is quoted as saying: "Our older customers used to have seven or eight pubs to choose from. Now there's half that." The area has been taken over by upmarket bars following the gentrification of nearby Clerkenwell. Evening Standard 18-1-05 pp16 17

See: Wikipedia definition of gentrification here

Expert on London Gentrification Tim Butler here

  • A 600 year old pub was badly destroyed by fire is to be restored

(see BBC News Online story here)

  • There was a story on the radio about the "Bull at Barnes" being served with a noise abatement order, from nearby flats that have been built in the past few years.... full story here

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