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Hickey's Cafe Rest

This wiki grew out of a conversation in the Dead Pubs Society and is a place for extraneous improvisations of an unlicenced variety. Our URL is

Sample London Destruction for a flavour of what we are about.

Advocates of the law change, passed in 2003, suggest the UK can mimic the cafe-style culture seen in some European countries. quote from BBC News Online...

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Paul Kelly's Films

Tony's Cafe evictions

Tony's cafe: the writing is on the wall

Tony's cafe at 34 Broadway Market in Hackney, London

Best British Cafe Website

The listing of Pelicci's deco cafe by English Heritage was on BBC London news recently... Pelicci story on Classic Cafes

Classic Cafes has interesting pages on history (chaotic) and Psychogeography (Sinclair)

Best Cafe blog

Tottenham Court Road

Lawtons, The Sardar Indian Restaurant and Dionysus are all gone. Lawtons, in Goodge Street, is now a Subway and the Sardar is an "adult" DVD shop. Dionysus moved from Tottenham Court Road down to the junction with Oxford Street, not far from the deadpubssociety:The_Horseshoe

Dionysus Kebab House was at 14 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 1BL which now seems to an Internet cafe, called easyInternetcafé (!!)

All That Jazz

There was a story on the radio about the "Bull at Barnes" being served with a noise abatement order, from nearby flats that have been built in the past few years.... full story here

The Vortex is also under threat, but may have found a new home in Dalston.

The Union Chapel will close in January 2005.

The Past

King's Cross - take another look